The ABCS Commends Community Housing Initiatives

VANCOUVER, BC – The Alliance of BC Students (ABCS) is pleased to see the announcement made yesterday by the City of Vancouver regarding the launch of their housing strategy. The addition of greater protections for tenants will help provide stability for renters in the city, and targeted densification will make communities more livable and walkable.

“Taking action to address the challenges faced by renters who are struggling to find housing that is affordable, safe, and in the right location is crucial to the wellbeing of students”, states ABCS Chairperson Caitlin McCutchen,  “we hope to see housing strategies that support tenants, and add to the supply of low cost rental units, put forward by more municipalities in Metro Vancouver.”

The creation of a Tenant Protection Manager will help prevent renters from being evicted without cause. Adding protections for tenants who may be in precarious situations is a step towards making renting a more stable long term option. With soaring housing prices making homeownership a possibility for fewer and fewer British Columbians, provisions for renters are more important than ever.

Building townhouses and low rise apartments in strategic locations such as near schools and campuses will help in addressing the specific supply issues that are causing difficulties for renters. These projects provide housing for people who need it, where they want to live, helping lower costs and make communities more walkable. Additional targeted initiatives, such as ensuring that on campus housing is built, could also help address issues of inadequate or unavailable low cost rental units.

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