Here’s a sampling of some of the amazing things that we’ve been able to achieve with the hard work and leadership of our member associations, and students just like you.


Secured $450 million in funding for on-campus student housing at colleges, universities

The ABCS published a white paper on the need for on-campus student housing for British Columbia’s post-secondary students – not only because it makes post-secondary education more accessible, but to free up market rentals to ease pressure on the housing market during an unprecedented housing crisis. After dozens of meetings with ministers and MLAs, government moved forward on our ask, committing $450 million.

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Secured cutting BC student loan interest rates by half

After several years of advocacy by the ABCS on reducing student loan interest, government announced that they would be dropping the interest rate by 2.5%. This brought British Columbia’s student loan interest rate in line with the national average – before that, BC’s students were paying the highest interest in the country. While there’s more work to be done, the ABCS was happy to see this step toward affordability.