Students applaud key funding investment in trades and technology

VANCOUVER, BC - The Alliance of BC Students (ABCS) applauds the investment announced earlier today by the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training for trades and technology students across the province. The $3 million will be invested in 19 public post-secondary institutions across BC to provide industry-level equipment to ensure students have a smooth transition into their field.

“Without the proper equipment, students are not as prepared for the work environment after graduation," said Noah Berson, chairperson of the ABCS. "Students should have access to the necessary training and equipment during their education so they can be successful in their careers afterwards."

In addition to supporting skills development and higher-quality education, having access to industry-level equipment also promotes safety by providing students with an opportunity to be familiarized with new equipment in the classroom environment.

As a representative for trades and technology students, the ABCS is happy to see this announcement for our members, and students across the province.

"This is a key investment in the future of our students. Trades students especially need to have access to the latest technology and equipment and we are glad to see them being prioritized through this funding,” said Gurvir Gill, vice-president external of the University of the Fraser Valley Student Union Society, representing students from over 20 trades and apprenticeship programs. “This will go a long way in helping our students to move into the next phase of their education and their careers after graduation.”