The Alliance of British Columbia Students is a not-for-profit advocacy group of graduate and undergraduate student societies, with members representing over 60,000 university and college students. The goals of the Alliance, as set out in its constitution, are to:

  • represent the interests of post-secondary students represented by the Alliance’s members;
  • provide an open forum of communication for post-secondary student associations;
  • address post-secondary issues such as accessibility, affordability, and quality;
  • lobby the provincial government in accordance with the Alliance’s policy positions; and
  • build partnerships with the community of post-secondary institutions.

The Alliance takes a unique approach to provincial student organizing. The Alliance is a grassroots coalition group that allows its member and partner student societies to advocate on their campuses in the way that suits their student society best.

The Alliance has no central head office, and believes in an easy and straightforward approach to organizational membership that allows for the Alliance and its member and partner student societies to focus on the work that matters most: student issues.

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