Where’s the Housing?

Backed up by solid research, we’ve been an provincial advocacy leader in the push for affordable on-campus student housing across British Columbia.

For students, the benefits of on-campus housing are obvious. We understand the value of being close to our studies, in the heart of academic life. We see that residence students form the backbone of campus clubs and campus life. We know the financial benefit, and housing security, that on-campus housing provides, away from the worries of rising rents and questionable housing quality. We know all of that, and that is why the Alliance of British Columbia Students have long advocated for more on-campus housing.
— Alex McGowan, Chair, Alliance of BC Students
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Researched Asks to Support Lobby Days

Every year, our officers and board members bring together the concerns of students from across the province to develop data-supported, well-researched recommendations to make post-secondary education more accessible.