Request for Proposals –

The Alliance of British Columbia Students is seeking freelance design work in anticipation of a public campaign mobilizing students to vote in the upcoming provincial election.

The design work will be needed in two stages. First, we will require the development of a logo for the campaign (a version with a background and without, and with the campaign name and slogan and without), a Facebook banner, and a simple poster including the logo, name, slogan, ABCS logo, and some simple graphics. This first stage will be completed no later than Dec 27th.

Next, we will require the logo be adapted into designs for t-shirts, stickers, and other promotional materials. We will also require a pamphlet template for our members to repurpose for their specific needs. We will also require a specific pamphlet outlining the positions of the political parties and providing basic registration and voting information. This second stage will be required no later than the second week in February.

Please include either portfolio pieces or a link to your portfolio site in your application, as well as a cost estimate. For information purposes, the Alliance of British Columbia Students is a collection of 5 post-secondary student societies throughout British Columbia, working to advocate on behalf of students at the provincial level.

Applications must be in no later than Wednesday, December 14th, 2016.

Questions and applications can be submitted to

To download the RFP in PDF form, click here

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